Trip A Round Texas

Trip A Round Texas, Machine Quilting
Trip A Round Texas
My inspiration came from a quilt my Grandmaw made for this contest a few years back.

Machine Quilting (Mixed Technique)   72 x 84  

Quiltmaker(s) and Credit
Quilt Maker: Kiya Gantz
Madison Co.
Madisonville Tx
Artist Statement
First I decided what my theme was going to be from there I found the solid colors that I planned on using. Then I needed my Grandmaw to take me to the fabric store there we found the rest of the fabric. When I had all the parts needed I got to work deciding how to place the fabric. Then I started cutting what was needed and size that was needed. Then I went to work sewing them together after they were all together I put the batting and then the backing on. When I was finished with that part I put the binding on the sides.