Umbrella Gals

Umbrella Gals, Hand Quilting
Umbrella Gals
Collected vintage fabric from recycled clothing over decades compiled to depict the quilt design of colorfully, classy ladies.

Hand Quilting (Appliqué)   99 x 78 x 0.5  

Quiltmaker(s) and Credit
Quiltmaker: Gertrude Davis, Bastrop County. Pattern came from a collection of magazines over many years.
Official Go Texan Submission
Bastrop County
Artist Statement
Fabric was gathered from clothing the quiltmaker had made for her daughter through the years and then repurposed into the quilt design we have today. This quilt has a history before it it even began to be made. The quiltmaker lost her home in a fire, but thankfully her granddaughter was planning to start working on this quilt so the fabric pieces were in her home and not lost in the fire. After the tragic loss of the home, the quiltmaker decided this was a quilt she needed to create herself since it was something that actually was saved and held the memories of her daughter's childhood. Not only did she get it made using her daughter's old clothing, but she did it in time for that same granddaughter to use as a background for her wedding vows.