Playful on the Rainbow

Playful on the Rainbow, Machine Quilting
Playful on the Rainbow
Bargello pattern using Ombre fabrics.

Machine Quilting (Piecework)   77 x 56 x 1.5  

Quiltmaker(s) and Credit
Marietjie Engelbrecht - Quiltmaker and Quilter
Use the basic of the Bargello pattern but now actual pattern was used.
Artist Statement
I fell in love with the fabric and knew immediately that this will be so much fun to play with and making the Bargello pattern with it. This quilt is for my mother, she makes me smile, light up my day, no matter what’s going on. This is to say thank you for being there and reminding me that it’s how you look at life, that makes the difference. So smile and play on the rainbow of life.

Working with Ombre fabric was a challenge itself due to the variations of color in each strip, so there was more planning and careful layout of the Bargello pattern needed to make sure that all the color and variations works well with one another and that the flow of the color continue throw-out the quilt.